Decorative Corner Faux Fireplace

Great to hide plumbing, electrical or anything else. Here the firebox was preexisting but you could have an electric fireplace and frame in the area to look like a formal mantel place. Remember this is not a REAL fireplace and it is not fire resistant. We can always help you find an installer.

1- We started out by framing with GoBoard.  This is where we will be adhering the tile.  



2- We are using a 7″x 14″ tile in a 1/2 off set pattern.  Lay it out dry so you can check out pattern and spacing before applying the adhesive.  Layout is most the important step, once you start to use adhesive it is really tough to go back.




3- Use a level periodically to be sure you don’t have any high spots or “lippage”


4- Using my foot to press down and level out tile. May not be the most advisable way to get ALL you tile level but sometimes you have to do what you have to do! Always level as you go.
Pressing Floor
5- Hearth is done.  We are letting it dry over night, leave spacers in.
6- Back buttering (putting mud on the face of the fireplace and on the back of the tile tile to make a better bond.)  

Note, I tacked up a mantel to make sure that I could cut the tile to fit perfectly.  Using it as a guide.  
Back Butter
7-  Placing tile.  (Go Flyers!)
Placing Tile
8- Level as you go.  You want to make sure that each step/row is level.
9- Moving to second panel.  Using strapping to set a base for the tile so it would not slide once it is laid.
Upper Level
10- Working in small patches and back buttering.
More Back Butter
11- Last piece in.
Last Piece
12- Placing wood mantel piece.  We used a reclaim post for this.
13- Decorative fire place.

  • Two days (with dry time.) Cost about $500